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DIAN-PD1901 Dual-structure Manual Prison Door

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Dual-structure manual prison door consists of one manual driven fully enclosed sliding internal door and manual driven outer cell gate.

Fully enclosed sliding door is constructed from two 1.5 mm steel skins and steel skeleton , filled with PU inside.

The sliding door opens and closes by holding a hand control lock. The bolt  diameter is 20mm with 20 mm effective extension length .

The center point of the vision panel is 1450mm from the side of the door plate which is set in the middle.

The enclosed part of flush cell gate is sequentially constructed from 1.5 mm steel skin ,steel skeleton and 1.5mm steel skin .

The grille constructed from circular steel tube with diameter of 25 mm in portrait and square steel tube with 40mm*40mm*1.5mm in horizontals .

The door panel has two hinges and 3 lock tongues on the open side with effective extension length of 30.1mm.

Mechanical security lock is installed on the flush cell gate, and 3.0mm thick reinforced steel plate is installed on the mounting area.

Model number  DIAN-PD1901
Raw material Carbon steel
Internal Filling Polyurethane foam
Door Frame 2.0 mm carbon steel
Door Plate 1.5 mm carbon steel
Channel size 800mm*1900mm
Vision panel size 120mm*70mm
Tensile strength 345MPa
Surface treatment Powder coating
Open style Manual driven
Qualifications By Ministry of Public Security
Security Performance Super structure and enhances the safety of the prison
Hinge Make door switch freely and extend service life
Feature Anti-theft, closeness, sound and heat insulation.

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