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  • Industrial lift door

    Industrial lift door

    The plant lift door is made according to the design and site conditions of the National Building Standard Atlas ( Atlas No. 03J611-4). The lifting door is equipped with a spring balance system device, which uses a small power trans...
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  • Industrial folding door

    Industrial folding door

    Industrial folding doors are mainly suitable for partitioning applications in fire protection, motor vehicle operating stations, motor vehicle depots, vehicle depots, locomotive depots, and locomotives. Both internal and external doors can be installed and used. Material specifications: Hinge: ...
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  • PVC high speed door

    PVC high speed door

    PVC high speed door is a kind of soft curtain door made of PVC, which is more diverse in color. The main function is fast isolation, energy saving, high-speed automatic closing, improving work efficiency and creating a better working environment. Roller Shutter Material The segmented roller shut...
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  • The high speed steel roller shutter

    The high speed steel roller shutter

    The high speed steel roller shutter is a new type of metal industrial door that is insulated, energy-saving, sealed, efficient, wind-resistant and environmentally friendly. It has a fast and safe opening speed and is suitable for logistics channels that require frequent high speeds. The high spe...
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  • Fire shutter door

    Fire shutter door

    The fire shutter door is a kind of fireproof and heat insulation facility suitable for the large hole of the building. The product has played a certain role in the design and installation. Fire shutter doors are widely used in fireproof partitions of industrial and civil buildings. They can effec...
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  • Fire door

    Fire door

    A fire door is a door that meets the requirements for fire resistance stability, integrity, and insulation for a certain period of time. It is a fireproof partition with certain fire resistance, such as in fire compartments, evacuation stairwells, vertical shafts. In addition to the function of o...
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  • Coca-Cola appointed supplier

    Coca-Cola appointed supplier

    As Coca-Cola appointed supplier, Coca-cola has cooperated with us more than 5 years. As a long-term partner, we are responsible for the production and installation of all doors that Coca-Cola need. Enterprise cooperation is first based on honesty and long-term trust. We treat each collaborator wi...
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