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DIAN-IC2101 Interrogation Chair

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Interrogation chair consists of main steel frame, moveable table board( including storage space and handcuffs fixture), legcuffs fixture and etc.

The whole of the interrogation chair is made of steel, and the surface is treated with spray paint. The tabletop has a 55mm*55mm opening for handcuffs fixture.

The storage space is equipped with mechanical keys and installed baffles inside.

The table top locking device and the legcuffs fixing device are controlled in a pedal type.

Model number DIAN-IC2101
Raw material Carbon steel
Surface treatment Finished
Main steel frame Round pipe with diameter of 38mm and wall thickness of 2.0mm
Chair back and armrest Round pipe with diameter of 25mm and wall thickness of 2.0mm
Moveable table board 3.0mm steel plate
Storage space 2.0mm steel plate
Locking lever(Handcuffs) Diameter of 8mm round steel
Locking lever(Legcuffs) Diameter of 14mm round steel
Fixed plate thickness 6.0mm
Bolt diameter 10mm(Conner strapped)
Qualifications By Ministry of Public Security
Security Performance Super structure and enhances the safety of the prison
Hinge Make door switch freely and extend service life
Feature Anti-theft, closeness, sound and heat insulation.

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