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1. Protection range and level: Using 1954-style 7.62mm pistol, 1951-style 7.62mm pistol (lead core) to test the helmet at a distance of 5m (bullet velocity 440-455m/s), the helmet suspension buffer system has no parts falling off under the 5 shots effective hits , and the protection level is level 2.

2. Material structure: It is composed of helmet shell, chin strap and suspension buffer system, etc. The helmet shell is laminated and formed by aramid dipped woven fabric; the thickness of the helmet shell is 7.0mm.

3. Weight: <1222g; The helmet shell has flame retardant property, and the helmet body adopts polyurea spray paint process. The outer surface of the helmet shell continues to burn time ≤ 5S

4. Executive standard:  GA293-2012 Police Bulletproof Helmets and Masks.

5. Water immersion resistance: After being immersed in water for 24 hours at room temperature, use a 1954-style 7.62mm pistol and a 1951-style 7.62mm pistol lead bullet (bullet velocity 445-455m/s) to conduct a shooting test on the helmet. With 2 shots effectively hit, the lower helmet blocked the warhead and the bullet mark on the top of the helmet shell at the first impact point was 9.1mm in height. No parts of the suspension buffer system fell off.

6. Performance: With the classic bulletproof helmet design, large protective area, stable wearing with four-point suspension system, built-in sponge pads on the front and back and top to make it comfortable to wear, polyurea spray paint process, particle matte surface treatment, corrosion resistance and non-reflective, it is convenient for conceal and camouflage and performance is more secure.


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