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DIAN1503 Rapid rolling shutters

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Rapid rolling shutters are indispensable facilities for modern industrial plants, logistics warehouses, and passages. It combines the advantages of sectional overhead door and PVC high-speed door. It uses sensor device to sense the moving person or object (such as forklift, etc.), so the door automatically opens up at a speed of at least 1.2 m / s and close when the person or object passes through the door opening to ensure smooth logistics in the plant and warehouse.



Warehouse;supermarkets; industrial plants;Medical, food, electronics, clean workshops;passage


1, long service life: no rust, no deformation, anti-ultraviolet, long service life of 10 years;

2. Safety performance: Comprehensive safety protection system, such as safety electric eye and airbag design;

3.Great appearance:clean, and washable;

4. Improving work efficiency: Practice has proved that when a door-to-door vehicle enters and exits more than 50 times a day, the use of a fast door is a necessary investment; under high-flow conditions, fast door can improve work efficiency by more than 40%;

5, improving the working environment: effectively isolating rain and snow, fly and dust to maintain a constant workshop environment, such as temperature, cleanliness;

Model number DIAN-R1503
Panel color Customized(white, red, orange, grey etc)
Opening speed 06-1.0m/s(Adjustable)
Open style Automatic
Open system option 1. Manual button2. Earth magnetic ring induction.3. Radar induction4. Remote control

5. Pull rope control

6. Interactive chain

7. Access control card.

Application commercial
Surface treatment Finished
Windows Option(Yes or No)
Safety protection device Meet stumbling block to sprung automatically
Motor Special motor for rolling shutter door
Drive system Adopt the special shaft or chain drive door opener of the industrial perspective door
Door size Customized
Curtain Thickness 0.6-1.2mm
Guide rail Thickness 2.00-2.5mm
Curtain Material Aluminum alloy
Accessories Material Galvanized steel
Packing & Delivery
Packing Plastic Protection Foam between each section. Wooden case or carton packing
Delivery time 15~30 days after receiving the deposit
MOQ 1set


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