The high speed steel roller shutter

The high speed steel roller shutter is a new type of metal industrial door that is insulated, energy-saving, sealed, efficient, wind-resistant and environmentally friendly. It has a fast and safe opening speed and is suitable for logistics channels that require frequent high speeds.

The high speed steel roller shutter is suitable for fast lanes for indoor and outdoor logistics and production. The use of this type of door can save the enterprise a large amount of energy loss due to air circulation, saving about 180% of energy compared with ordinary industrial sliding doors and rolling doors.

The door is the necessary passage for enterprise logistics and production. Its use and selection directly affect the efficiency of production and logistics.

The rapid opening and closing of the door type has greatly improved the transshipment speed of production and logistics. It has high reliability, practicality, easy operation and quick repair.

The drive control adopts a stable, energy-saving and accurate frequency conversion system to ensure the reliable operation of the door body, ensuring safe operation for more than 150,000 times per year.


Door Panel:The double 0.7mm thick double-layer aluminum plate is formed by one-time composite molding, and the middle is pu (polyurethane) with a bulk density of 50kg; the total thickness of the door plate is 40mm and the width is 185mm. The cross-section design is broken bridge thermal insulation structure, which has the characteristics of good heat preservation, light weight, high strength and impact resistance. The wind resistance grade is ≤12.


Standard Configuration:

power supply emergency opening device
infrared safety protection system
operation button box
contact with trigger safety bottom
Senlima coaxial motor
professional control system


Turbine Guide Rail:The hard fast door turbine guide rail is beneficial to the individual’s acceleration, making the door body more stable during high-speed operation and reducing noise. Moreover, our company uses a twin-turbo structure that is superior to other companies’ single-turbo engines and has a higher safety index.

The multi-row hinges are bolted and the hinges are connected with the QP-treated steel shaft and the PEEK sleeve, which increases the surface hardness of the shaft and greatly increases the corrosion resistance of the shaft. The surface of the shaft is smooth and resistant to corrosion and has high strength.


High Speed Steel Roller Shutter Installation: 

Circular spiral guide rail:The circular spiral guide rail is the standard design specification and is the best solution when there is enough space above the door.
Oval spiral guide rail:The elliptical spiral guide rail is a space-saving design structure that is used when the building structure space is limited.
Low threshold guide rail:The design of the low sill guide rail ensures maximum safety for the person and the vehicle. For example in underground parking lots and garages.


Post time: Dec-13-2019