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The nuclear industry and military industry:


Chinese Academy of engineering physics(No.9)


The nuclear industry 272 factories


The nuclear industry 812 factories


Southwest Institute of technical physics(No.209)


AVIC Chengdu aircraft industrial(group) co.LTD(NO.132 factory)


AVIC Chengdu engine group co.LTD(No.420 factory)


The people’s liberation army 5719 factory


Hertz industry in Yunnan province and western theater the armory


Theater in central Henan province the armory


Chengdu military command


Air force and army parts warehouse


Equipment maintenance department


Armed forces various counties of Yunnan province and ammunition.




The public security and armed police:


Guizhou province public security department office building


1 and 2 teams Tibet armed police corps and Lhasa Qamdo detachment


xigaze detachment. And Aba prefecture


the fire brigade


Chongqing water fire the detention house


Tibet and Sichuan provinces and cities in Guizhou portion of the detention center, etc.




Industrial :


The state grid Sichuan company and Huanan power companies


Chengdu railway bureau,


Sichuan airlines,


Gezhuoba group mechanical and electrical construction co.LTD,


Geely automobile,


Baosteel cans.






8,9,11 line logistics center of Chengdu railway ,


Chenglan and Meishan railway station


railway warehouse,


Baowan and Chiwan logistics,


the ministry of civil affairs disaster relief materials reserve center, etc.






Coca-Cala Chengdu(Sichuan) beverage co.LTD,Pepsi Co.LTD


Bangbangwa food company


Unified food company


PI county Douban factory


Fengfeng food company


Gaojin food company, etc.




Real estate :


Languang real estate,


Vanke real estate,


Poly real estate,


Jindi real estate,


Zhixin real estate


Wanxin real estate


Wanhua real estate


Fuli real estate and etc.

Business partner